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Puppeteer bot

Resumen: Existe en el canal de youtube de Real Naps un bot my avanzado que quiero y estaria contento de pagar por conseguirlo.

Hi to all,

Thanks for reading, if this post is misplaced, please relocate, don't know if it's right.

I want to complete the coding of the Adsense bot shown in the Real Naps youtube channel. I know what are you thinking, adsense is unbotable. But if you see the idea, theorically would work. He uses personalities with good proxies, cookies that evolve, fingerprints and behaiviour.

He has a course in adsense.dannyokec.com, and I will put this same message in the other main forums in the search of somebody that already has access to the course (he teaches how to program this), or has the private vimeo videos downloaded or hacked or could complete the code. I would Pay for real help.

The node.js bot has the personality.js file that manages all the fingerprints, cookies.....calling to json lists. I have this code already written.

The bot.js is that I don't have. This launches all and calls personality.js. He has videos what shows some parts of the code, but the mayority is hidden.

any help would be much appreciated and paid.

txarly, orgulloso de ser un miembro de Foro Black Hat SEO desde Feb 2019.

Te dolerá de esta manera? Algunos bots realmente pueden dar problemas.

proton, orgulloso de ser un miembro de Foro Black Hat SEO desde Nov 2019.

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