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Who doesn’t need a good reason to improve productivity and comfort? But are we looking for those ergonomic solutions in all the wrong places. Especially as our work environment is changing, whether working from home and adapting to a new work desk or returning to the office only to have to reconfigure your space to new safety guidelines. Perhaps it’s time to start from the bottom and work our way up – let’s take a look under the desk and see how Adjustable Legs can turn your work desk into a more profitable work space.

Optimize Efficiency

Let’s start with the number one reason: productivity. Stainless Steel Adjustable Legs give your mood a little boost by mixing things up and transitioning from sitting to standing. This simple step creates a sense of awareness about your body that activates important brain functions. You are suddenly more alert, which in turn, helps with focus and efficiency. Your time is valuable. Rather than spending hours sitting at your desk in and out of focus and ultimately feeling unaccomplished at the end of it, give your mind short bursts of concentration by forcing your body into different positions and get more out of less time spent in front of the computer.

Improve Health

Standing height desks can actually improve your health. Back pain? Try standing to relieve your lower back from hours of sitting and slouching. Make a conscious effort to improve your posture while standing, then give yourself a break and return to a seated position and vice versa. Adjustable Feet give you the freedom to move up and down, which helps with blood flow and increases circulation. The long-term effects include an overall decrease in the risk of cardiovascular disease as a result. You can even burn calories! I mean, we’re only talking about an extra 10 calories per hour or so, so it’s not exactly going to replace your regular gym workout regimen. It’s not exactly going to be the cover story in the next health magazine center spread as the secret to weight loss, but hey, every little bit helps! And it promotes healthy habits that could lead to more energy and more motivation to move from the work desk to the weight room.

Baffle Grease Filters are the initial step to managing commercial kitchen grease and regulate exhaust ventilation. When installed properly, they safely guard the exhaust vents to keep flames or flammable debris from entering the ducts, and they capture grease vapors and particles to prevent them from building up in the ventilation system.

These filters come in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions, and can be made from high quality stainless steel, galvanized steel, or aluminum. These standard filters can be welded or riveted, while some speciality filters may be constructed differently to serve their specific purpose safely and efficiently.

When you cook on a stove or using other methods, smoke, steam, and grease are released into the air. The interlocking baffles of the filter channel this air by simultaneously forcing it in two different directions, passing it through the strategically placed vertical blades and causing the grease to naturally run downward and into the designated collection trays within the casing, sanitizing the air.

This prevents major fire hazards and is required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), International Fire Code (IFC), and insurance providers, and is heavily enforced by health inspectors and fire marshals. Mesh hood filters are no longer accepted or allowed under the newest fire codes, so be sure to find the right size and material Range Hood Filter for your kitchen to comply with the current standards.

Stainless steel filters are often the best choice for their aesthetic appearance if your kitchen is visible to customers because of their shine and reflective finish. They also offer the maximum protection against corrosion and rust. Galvanized options are also available, and depending on the volume and use of your kitchen, the lighter weight and less expensive aluminum filters may be considered as well. Of these three options, stainless steel will be more expensive, but their durability and their lasting capability can help save you in replacement costs in the future.

Baffle Grease Filters should fit the exhaust with no gaps or spaces between them to prevent grease and debris from passing through. It may be helpful to have a local professional test your system and adjust the settings correctly to avoid turning the exhaust fan up too high. This is to prevent your filters from getting sucked up into the hood.

While the most important function of a baffle grease filter is to prevent fire hazards and adhere to fire, health, and safety codes, they are also beneficial to utility costs, kitchen cleanliness, and the exhaust system itself by easing the strain on the motor. It also keeps the air properly filtered and sanitized, which results in a cooler kitchen and healthier breathing environment. In addition, it removes odor build up that could give your kitchen a stale smell.

Traditionally, most homeowners have two choices for the stove: gas and electric. More often than not, the type of stove you prefer boils down to what you learned to cook on. However, conversions occur, and plenty of people find reasons to switch their allegiance. For instance, burgeoning chefs may be swayed by the versatility and accuracy provided by the flame heating of gas stoves. Meanwhile, parents with young children may switch to an Electric Stove, seeing it as the safer of the two. Families also appreciate the easy-clean virtues of electric stoves. Strong as one’s personal preference may be, economics play a role too: Depending on where you live, one or the other stove type might be cheaper to operate.

A dry ESP (Eletrostatic Precipitator) electrically charges the ash particles and imparts a strong electric field in the flue gas to collect and remove them. An ESP is comprised of a series of parallel, vertical metallic plates (collecting electrodes) forming lanes through which the flue gas passes. Centered between the collecting electrodes are discharge electrodes which provide the particle charging and electric field. This figure shows a plan view of a typical ESP section which indicates the process arrangement.

A transformer-rectifier (T-R) set along with an automatic voltage controller (AVC) supply the high-voltage and unidirectional current to the discharge electrodes. Several T-R sets are normally required to power a precipitator.

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