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    ZLP630 Cradle mast section

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    ZLP630 Cradle mast section
    Huaxia Group is located in the beautiful livable city well-known in the world - Weihai, Shandong, which is a large modern group company integrating cultural tourism, pharmaceutical, construction machinery manufacturing, real estate development, building construction, brewing, hotel services, and many other fields. It has also set up branches in Shandong Linyi, Jiangsu Jiangyan, Liaoning Tieling, Guizhou Maotai, as well as Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and other places. The Group has a total of 25 registered companies, with total assets of 15 billion yuan.
    Shandong Huaxia Group Co.,Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the Chinese tower crane production industry. As early as 2005. The Huaxia tower cranes produced by the company have ranked first in China in sales for 12 consecutive years, with a market share up to 20%. Meanwhile, the company has also increased export efforts. The products have been exported to 37 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Africa, having been highly recognized and praised by customers at home and abroad.
    In recent years, while strengthening the advantages of the core products of Weihai Construction Machinery, the company also actively implements the “going out” strategy to set up branch factories in Linyi, Shandong, Jiangsu Taizhou, Tieling, Liaoning and other places with a total area of nearly 2,000 mu.
    Shandong Huaxia Group Co.,Ltd. is committed to providing global customers with leading technology and tower crane products of excellent quality. It has developed more than 50 varieties of construction machinery in more than a dozen of series classified into 3 categories, including hydraulic self-elevating tower cranes, topless tower cranes, and so on. The HX5010, HX5810, HX6018, HX7030 and many other international new tower crane products have been put into large-scale production, being highly recognized by domestic and foreign markets. The company pays attention to the cultivation of the R & D team, and gives priority to improving product technologies. It has 12 technical patents making up the gaps in China and breaking the monopoly of international technology giants of heavy industry. It has become a model of the development strategy that encourages the shift from “Made in China” to “Created in China” actively promoted by the country, having won wide popularity and influence in the domestic and international markets.ZLP630 Cradle mast section

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