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    QuizGroup - YouTube Partner Program

    BlackHat Cobre

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    QuizGroup - YouTube Partner Program
    Estos días me he puesto a revisar mis canales de YT y me encuentro con invitaciones, esta es la que más me llamó la atención, parece que no está tan mal, los requisitos son mínimos. Realmente nunca he trabajado con estas redes porque mis videos son para promover mis productos o de afiliado, pero voy a anotarme, unos dólares extra a mi no me molestan.

    Si conoces alguna otra que pague más comentalo.

    Por lo pronto pego el mensaje tal cual, por si al alguno le interesa:


    New YouTube Partner Program terms: GET 80% FROM DAY #1

    HIGH CPM (US $/1 ths): Australia & Oceania - $19, North America - $18, EU - $15, Asia - $13, Russia and CIS - $7, Africa - $7, South America - $10

    1. FRIENDLY CONDITIONS TO JOIN: You may join if your channel is making 1000+ views a month and has 10 subscribers.

    2. THE BEST SHARE: You get 80% from day #1. We strongly believe 80/20 is a fair split between partner and MCN. 80% share is applied to all QuizGroup partners. You may make even more money with our referral program.

    3. MINIMUM AMOUNT PAYABLE: We start paying after your share is 5 USD a month and higher. Otherwise, payment system commission eats your earnings.

    4. THE BEST PAYMENT TERMS: We always pay in time! Our partners receive payments between 15th and 27th of each month. We pay each month full amount you may see in your dashboard! We pay you strictly 80% of amount we receive from Google without any deductions.

    5. REFERRAL PROGRAM: Help us grow QuizGroup network and enjoy extra revenue. You get 10% of QuizGroup revenue share from each channel joined our network by your referral. Bring more channels and make more money with us!

    6. ABSOLUTE TRANSPARENCY: We have developed a unique dashboard to make things easier for you. You may manage and trace all parameters across channels, period and many other dimensions. We improve dashboard on a regular basis providing more features for your comfort and safety. Income data is available directly at YouTube Analytics. You have total control over your earnings.

    7. SOLID MUSIC LIBRARY: We provide an extended music library for our partners. If you are not sure about the rights on music in your video, simply use tracks from our library and forget about risks of third party claims.

    8. CONTENT ID: If you are so lucky and popular, that other users re-post your videos, get an edge over the competitors with our Advanced Content ID, managing copies and making more money.

    9. RESOLVING STRIKES: We may help you resolve the strikes in case you are able to prove the rights are in your hands. Keep in mind an exclusive YouTube rights holder only may send you a strike.

    10. RESLOVING THIRD PARTY CLAIMS: We may assist you to manage third party claims if you are able to prove you have exclusive rights on the materials uploaded on your channel/channels.

    11. WE PAY EVEN FOR THE CHANNELS TERMINATED: Termination of your channel may occur because of the multiple strikes or any other violation of YouTube policies. We shall pay your full share of 80% for the period prior the moment of termination.


    13. SUPPORT: 24x7, live-streaming, SEO-consulting.

    New terms of the YouTube Partner Program are offered by QuizGroup.

    We are the leading global YouTube Network (YouTube Certified status).

    JOIN NOW at:

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

    Best regards,
    The QuizGroup Team
    [email protected]


    Buen fin de semana!


    La suerte es para los perdedores, el éxito es solo para los emprendedores.

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    14-02-2015 11:14 PM
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